The concept of mind mapping was formally developed by Tony Buzan.

The concept has two main purposes for note taking and note making. Note taking is a way to record your own thoughts for later review (e.g. notes from a lecture of presentation). Note making is a way to communicate a concept to others through the development and sharing of a map (e.g. outlining the strategic priorities and related initiatives in your strategic plan).


  1. Set your purpose/goal.
  2. Start in the CENTRE of blank paper turned sideways (landscape).
  3. Quickly sketch an IMAGE of your focus in the centre.
  4. Use at least 3 COLOURS, for emphasis, structure, texture, creativity.
  5. Draw curved lines, radiating from centre (thick to thin) CONNECTING main branches to central image & at each level.
  6. Use 1 key word or image per line for more power and flexibility in thinking.
  7. Use images throughout as a picture paints a 1,000 words.







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