The bucket has been created on a whim and a prayer. A whim to just get something up and see what comes of it and a prayer that KM practitioners can practice what they preach.

It has been set up as a half-way house for novices and a common room for journeymen in the KM practice, to share:
  • an understanding of our domain and the way it weaves together a number of disciplines, techniques and tools
  • a knowledge lens on the operations and behaviours of groups and organisations.

There are a number of facets to the bucket that underlie the structure and operations.
  • The Manifesto: This is being developed by the patrons of the bucket to guide the direction and influence decisions about it's future.
  • The Leak: This is a group list that patrons can subscribe to, to keep up to date with happenings and buckets activities.
  • The Feed : The Knowledge Bucket is now on Twitter. Follow us @kbucket.
  • The Holes: This is a list of areas that require filling.
  • The Raids: This is calendar of activities that focus on the parts of the bucket.

Here is some information on the Bucket Architecture.